• 56CBM 10000KG Barbecue tools FCL Shanghai to USA Amazon ONT8 Warehouse

    56CBM 10000KG Barbecue tools FCL Shanghai to USA Amazon ONT8 Warehouse

    On July 15th, we received an inquiry from an American customer. He had 56CBM 10000KG 715quality products named barbecue tools, and he needed us to quote the cost of the whole section from FCL in Ningbo to ONT8 warehouse in Amazon in America.

  • NB-NY 40HQ 8000kg furniture

    NB-NY 40HQ 8000kg furniture

    One day in July, we received an inquiry from the customer, he needs to export a 40HQ container to New York, the goods will be ready on 7th, let us arrange the nearest shipping date

  • 20GP 8000KG

    20GP 8000KG

    One day in March, I received an email from my friend, who said that he had a 20GP container to be shipped from China to Dubai port, the trade term is FOB, the goods are in Zhejiang Huzhou, the weight of the goods is 8 tons, and could we give him a price? At that time, I quoted the following price according to the condition of his goods:


    Sea freight: 2900USD

    Booking fee: 300RMB/ container

    THC fee: 750RMB/ container

    Document fee: 450RMB/ container

    Manifest fee: 50RMB/ container

    Customs clearance fee: 100RMB/ ticket

    Equipment management fee: 100RMB/ container

    Insurance premium: value *1.1* 1/1000

    Entry fee: according to actual

    Towing fee: 2250RMB(single release is calculated separately)

    Unpacking charge: actual (if any)

    Telex release fee: 500RMB (if any)

    Withholding fee: actual (if any)

  • FCL export to American LB port

    FCL export to American LB port

    On the morning of December 20th, we received an inquiry from a customer in Jiaxing. The email content is FCL transportation from Ningbo port to Long Beach port of the United States.

  • FCL shipment to Dubai

    FCL shipment to Dubai

    In the evening of mid-May, I had a barbecue with a colleague. When we were having dinner, we talked about the FCL transportation of China’s export to Dubai. Dubai as an important port in the Middle East, monthly container throughput is huge. At that time, he happened to have a client who wanted to ship the whole container to Dubai. The address of the container was Wuzhen, Jiaxing City. The goods weighed 15 tons and could be loaded on May 23. Peer data I took down, and he had