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At 18:00 on September 10th, we received an inquiry from the customer. The inquiry content is as follows:

Goods: sports equipment


46 cm * 120 cm * 36 cm, 10 cases

60cm *46cm*36cm, 42 pieces

About 1300 kg


Add: Sternmatt 6, 6010 Kriens, Switzerland.

Ningbo – Switzerland DDU transport

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After receiving the customer's inquiry, we replied our quotation to the customer around 18.30 according to the specific information of the goods. The next morning, the customer replied that the fee was OK. Please arrange booking and follow-up matters. After we receive the customer's reply, we will arrange the customer to book the shipping space, and then send him the corresponding warehouse receipt, so that the customer can enter our Ningbo warehouse according to the warehousing time on the warehouse receipt. Customers on September 14th the goods into the warehouse, then we according to the shipping date warehouse to arrange the container, after the goods to the port in Switzerland, our colleagues will pull the goods in Switzerland to supervised warehouse ark, then according to the customer's customs clearance information, the goods for customs clearance, customs clearance is completed and then the address of the goods to the customer's requirements. As it is a DDU trade term, the consignee will pay the foreign customs duties to the customs by himself, and our company only assists him in customs clearance.

Our LCL service covers North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and other regions. In Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen have received goods warehouse, warehouse 24 hours to receive goods. There are corresponding agents at the destination port to assist in customs clearance and back-end delivery.For the goods of different countries, we will be responsible for the corresponding customer service and operation according to the national arrangement, so as to better serve customers.

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